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a day in the midst of year 3 - hannah & andrew

hannah & andrew are celebrating somewhere between 2 and 3 years of marriage, so we took the time to make a sweet memory dedicated to the love they share. it’s so worth it. a fun afternoon, a new place, a stunning woman and a handsome man. memories as important today as the day they were married. even more so, because THEY are changed from then to now. more in love. more committed. more one. of course we celebrate monumental events like the union of husband and wife. but isn’t that just the beginning? doesn’t every day hold a handful of sweet somethings to remember - and how much more each month, each year. today will not be forgotten, nor should it be. this day was a celebration all on its own, and i realized that i have a few strong opinions about couples. so here they are: 

 1. it’s about you, it’s not not about me. so the majority of my images will not have you looking at me. i want to see what you feel when you look at each other. 

 2. sometimes i shoot out of focus intentionally to draw your eye to something i felt about a particular moment, and this is the best way for me to show it. 

 3. i encourage everyone to set aside some time each year to make a celebration of your life and loves. it won’t happen again - that’s for sure. 

 blessings, friends 


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